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I spent eight years not writing anything more inspired than a work e-mail or my name on the bottom of a check to pay a bill.  The reason was simple.  No one spoke to me.  It was a lack of human interaction.  There were numerous people in my life, many of them under four feet tall.  No, I did not lack human interaction.  Still, no stories came from me where my mind had been a fertile ground of creativity in the past.  I was encouraged by friends and family alike to write.  Staring at a blank screen, an empty piece of paper, did nothing to spur on creativity.  The worst part was looking back at half written stories, characters who once spoke so loudly, so fervently, to have their stories transcribed but now lay silent.  I felt like I was sealed within a bubble and had somehow betrayed these characters who were people to me.  Some part of me had died.

Eight years later, eight years, and the light turned on again.  I can't say exactly what happened, but it shifted and character after character I heard them again.  Then new voices were added to the mix asking me to share their tales.  I think it began with a simple e-mail discussion with a new friend, someone whose language inspired me and who became my muse.  To her I shall be forever grateful, because she set those voices inside me free again.  Now they won't stop jabbering endlessly and begging for attention.  Though we call it writing, I often think of it as transcribing.  Those characters know what they're doing.  They just need someone to share their tale.  For so long as they'll talk to me I'll journal it.  If anyone cares to read about what they doing, I'll be happy to provide a bit of their days journeys.

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I agree about the transcribing. Sometimes, all we have to do is listen and follow along.


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